The Mission

The short film, "Fix", was created by Jake Holtzer and Scott Peterson in an effort to get people to dream big, laugh hard, and love more.

"Fix" tells the story of three young men who seek to balance privilege, trust, and addiction as they hatch a plan to escape their seemingly predetermined fates.

Shooting Jan. 3-12, 2023, "Fix" brings together an amazing team, led by the production companies of Broken Leg Entertainment, Inc. and NonScience Productions LLC.


Fix is focusing on festivals, digital releases, and private premieres as its distribution methods. While schedules are subject to change, the current targeted markets are as follows:


  • Byron Bay International Film Festival

  • Clermont-Ferrand Intl. Short Film Festival

  • Atlanta Film Festival

Digital Sales:

  • Grassroots Marketing

  • Educational Institutions

How You Can Help

  • The estimated locked budget for "Fix" is $40,000

  • Investments are being taken through donations, and crowdfunding methods

  • Complete breakdown of costs and perks of investing is attached

Fix Media LLC