January Updates

Breaking ground on fix

1/30/20232 min read

January has been an incredibly busy month for us at Broken Leg! As we begin a new year, we've also entered into an entire new era as a business and community in the Greater Atlanta area. Over the last year, we've been focusing on the framework for the company as a whole, which will allow us to CREATE in 2023! The Broken Leg team spent the first few weeks of January working in Charlotte, NC on our latest short film, Fix. First and foremost, without the tremendous support investors, friends, and family, we would never have been able to achieve a short film of this magnitude.


Over the course of only 8 days, our team of incredible talent filmed for some days more than 12 hours! We'd like to personally thank Morrison-Smith Fine & Custom Jewelers, Sam Lahn, Jordan Sienkowski, and Parker Clay for their generous accommodation for filming locations. In less than 2 months, we managed to raise over $22,000 for the entire production; and, we proudly made it our first priority to pay each and every member of our crew. We are beyond grateful for our team and wouldn't have been able to accomplish what we needed to without our team's dedication and hard work.

Our COO, Jake Holtzer said, "Everyone was simply able to find their groove and perfect their role. Everyone was exhausted, they all showed up and remained consistent throughout the entire production."

The short film is currently in post production set for a release date on May 19, 2023. The premier will be held at Providence Day School, in Charlotte, NC for a private showing. In the meantime, there's a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes, and we couldn't be more confident in our team and their vision. Keep an eye out for a trailer release, this February.

January 2023

Sarah Hill

Affiliate Spotlight

Sarah's mindset for 2023 is to grow both personally and professionally and begin to create and promote her own work and talents. There's no question that Sarah has adopted and pursued a life in the arts, so it's extremely important for her to double down and thrive in her environment.

Most recently, Sarah has been casted in the musical, "The Prom", being sponsored by the nonprofit, Atlanta Workshop Players. She genuinely represents what it means to be an actor, continuing to learn and perfect her craft by attending weekly classes, webinars and engaging in the Atlanta acting community. She is currently taking a Pro-Adult Acting Class with the Atlanta Workshop Players that will help further her already widely impressive talents.

Despite the works that Sarah is already accomplishing, she continues to have her eyes set down the road to further her career. Continuing to find new roles and auditions, being able to forecast her career months down the line is what separates Sarah from her peers.

Sarah is beyond excited to continue growing and using all of her experience as building blocks to meet her goals. As it's only January, we are beyond excited to see what 2023 has in store for Sarah!