LoveMore Events

From concept through completion.

We offer comprehensive event management beginning with planning and coordination to create an event tailored to your needs. During the event, we capture everything - from high-quality photos and videos to streaming immersive experiences, our experts manage all event details so you can focus on your guests. After the event, we conduct friendly follow-ups to provide your guests with recordings, photos, and other event media they can share & promote. With our full-service approach, you get a complete custom-designed event handled with professionalism and care.

"Your Complete Event Solution"
Professional Event Production

Event Planning
What are your logistics?
Do you need a space or already have one? Are you asking yourself how do I budget? Or maybe the all-encompassing what all do I need? We can help with that and maximize efficiency so that your costs stay low, and your guests leave feeling engaged with, rather than catered to.

Event Management
Taking the pressure off.
Do you want to deal with caterers? Rowdy guests? Unwanted exes that want to crash your big event? Of course not. Our special set of skills and network not only allow us to plan, but also manage, host, and problem-solve during your big event. So you can enjoy, it with no worries.

Event Capture
The good kind of double-dip!
All the effort going into your event can pay off much further than just excellent day-of results. Document testimonials, sponsor relationships, and provide attendees a way to engage and share the positivity long after they were with you in person.

Live Content
Show them what you can do!
Videos and proofs are key tools, but nothing substitutes building a relationship with your clients. Remove any and all hesitations about the unfamiliarity with production by introducing them to key players, and providing the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the process through on-site short form content.

Wrap & Follow-up
Don't lose your momentum!
First impressions are crucial, but so are last impressions. We'll ensure a friendly and professional final impression by letting your attendees know you valued their presence, and establishing your next steps towards working together.

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people sitting on chair in front of table
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