Malcolm Olesen
Lighting Expert/Colorist

I've had a love for storytelling since I was young. I'd say it's always been a part of me, but I think I truly fell in love with film when I was 12.Ever since then, not a day has passed where my mind doesn't drift towards whimsical ideation. Means of helping create and capture these visions, and ends to fulfill what seems an inexorable need within me. Filmmaking truly feeds me. Those who have seen me on set can attest to the energy that I manifest. There's no time I feel more alive than when I'm creating.

I've been involved in film production since early 2021, and have focused my creative efforts towards Gaff/Grip. My hope is to become "Mac, the lighting wizard," but you have to earn a title like that. I want to meet other creatives who share my zeal for moving the hearts and souls of the masses. The relationships I've developed with many others here in Atlanta, with the help of Broken Leg have taught me a great deal about how I can become YOUR lighting wizard, and I strive to do my best on every set I work. Helping people realize their creative visions is what makes it all worth it, and I'll see you when the cameras start rolling!