Sam A. Ettaro
TFX Head of Post-Production

Sam Ettaro serves as Head of Post-Production for our TFX commercial video subsidary. He is an award-winning digital media instructor (retired) who, prior to teaching, had a long career in professional multimedia and TV production and is an expert in video editing, live webcasting, and remote video production. He holds a BS in Education and has produced shows which have aired on PBS, Fox, and ABC stations. Over his 30 year career in he has served as an internet radio talk-show host, local political figure, career-development specialist, and currently he hosts several of his own web TV shows where he uses his talents and vision to promote education, innovation, entrepreneurship and individual responsibility. Sam is a dynamic public speaker and teacher and is dedicated to using his talents to helping create a better world by inspiring youth to find their life's calling. He resides in Charlotte, NC, where he is Host & Producer of CharlotteNOW.TV, and is also the founder and Program Director for DigitalEdgeTV, a vocational/career training program, both of which are in partnership with BLE. He is also a singer/songwriter and guitarist and performs regularly throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area with various bands.