Your Complete Video Solution

Now you face new challenges. You need to position your personal brand, go from theory to practice, but you don't see results. When you think about raising prices, your mind says that you will lose your customers. You dream of collaborating but you don't dare to approach anyone, and although you have good ideas, you see how someone else implements them before you get the chance.

"Yes, I want to use video to grow my business"
a woman standing in front of a camera
a woman standing in front of a camera
It's going to work like this...

We work directly with you to establish your foundation by ensuring we include all of your key imagery such as your logo, location(s), and any recognizable materials. Show off the products, services, and people that drive your business!

STEP 1: Introductions
STEP 3: The Experience
STEP 2: Interview
STEP 4: The Deliverables

A member of our crew will participate in the service aspect of your business, learning first-hand how you operate so we can capture the most realistic experience. This could include cooking in your restaurant, or conducting a mock home purchase! Our candid, behind-the-scenes feel will show new audiences the real experience that your business provides.

We craft and produce a custom video shoot including a 30-45 minute interview, designed for you to speak on your inspiration, journey, and goals.
Through this process we provide you with professional media training to ensure your chosen representative(s) are prepared and comfortable on camera.

You will receive a complete package including:

  • Your full-length edited video, a segmented three-minute commercial, (including intro, the core of our interview, and the edited experience)

  • Any and all raw unused footage for your own use on other projects

    We take your project seriously. Throughout the production process, your digital design will be reviewed by our President of Productions, Tanner Evans and our Head of Post-Production Sam Ettaro ensuring quality every step of the way.

    The three forms of our deliverables offer the ability to easily conform to all types of media formats and mediums

    Your video will be produced using over $10,000 worth of professional production equipment in the hands of seasoned professionals

    Our TFX package should be a direct marketing write-off on your taxes. (See your tax professional for clarity)

    Most of our packages come in under $6,000. We feel confident that nobody can match the quality of our service and product at a lower price.

Why Choose TFX?
  • DAY 1-5:

    • Determine the right design for your experience

    • Lock in shoot-day team including our crew & your representatives

    • Troubleshoot any potential obstacles

  • DAY 5-9:

    • Finalize shooting logistics such as parking, accessibility, and equipment placement

    • Review post-production timeline and expectations

    • Relax, and get ready for your moment in the spotlight!

  • Your Commitment:

    • 2-3 design meetings (pre-shoot)

    • One hour of your time for the interview

    • Providing our crew one full business day of access to gather supplementary content

man in blue crew neck t-shirt using black video camera
man in blue crew neck t-shirt using black video camera
What Is Customizable Design?
We respect your time and have designed our process to get you maximum quality with the least amount of interruption to your business.