Van Heflin

Van Heflin is an accredited actor. As an Atlanta Georgia native, Van studied under Greg Alan Williams at his School of Acting. A little while later, He ventured to Los Angeles to find education on being a stand out actor in an overwhelmingly saturated industry. Although relatively unknown, Van scored a number of small time short film projects on his arrival to Los Angeles while simultaneously dedicating himself to his education. He scored his first credit with Alex Denysov in "So Much In Common" in 2017. Since then, he has worked in numerous uncredited theatre pieces, The Green Room, Directed by Leslie Ferreira, Pretty Fire Directed by Larry Robinson, and short films such as "A Thousand Words" directed by Courtney Martin. Van Heflin studied at Theatre Arts at the Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy (2017-2021). He has since moved to Atlanta to garner credits to his name and further his career.