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"Vision, Passion, and
Technical Expertise..."
Narrative Works

"Survivor: Aron's Story"
Aron considered himself a typical Jewish-Soviet boy, getting along with his Russian and Ukrainian neighbors while growing up in multi-cultural Odessa of the 1930s. Life didn’t come easy to his Yiddish and Russian-speaking family, but they got by, assimilated to their surroundings. As the 40s approached, Nazi Germany began its march across Europe, with the extermination of the Jewish people as one of its aims. Allied with Romania, the Nazis now set their sights on the Soviet Union, fighting the Red Army for territory while committing mass atrocities against the Jews and other people they deemed “unfit for life”. Living through the Odessa Massacre, Aron, his two brothers, sister, and parents were expelled from their home city, struggling to survive the Holocaust perpetrated by the German and Romanian Army along with their local collaborators.

Created by & in partnership with Alex Teplish



Fix is a film about three friends balancing trust, privilege, and addiction as they seek to escape their seemingly pre-determined fates. Follow Travis, Larry, and Rex as they seek the fix that will change their lives forever. A film Produced by Broken Leg Entertainment, Fix was shot in Charlotte, NC, and Atlanta, GA over ten days. Fix premiered at the first annual Providence Day Film Fest and will be entering distribution in 2024.

"Pros & Cons"

Pros & Cons is a film about life, a film about sacrifice, and a film about choices all presented through the conversation between two friends.


Brands don't sell products, people do

"Sold Out"

This video was conceptualized, written, shot, edited, and submitted in the span of 48hrs from May 13th - May 15th, 2022. The essential elements of character, prop, line of dialogue, and genre were provided by the Atlanta 48hr Film Competition. This was the first official production by the Broken Leg Entertainment Team, and all the cast and crew involved helped further the goals of dreaming bigger, laughing harder, and loving more.

  • WARNING: Disturbing Imagery

    - Character: Peter Knoll, Auctioneer
    - Dialogue: Take your time. No Rush.
    - Prop: Ticket
    - Genre: Mystery
    - Runtime: 4min-7min

"The Call"

Made in the spur-of-the-moment during a creative weekend in Charlotte, NC. Featuring up-and-coming talents Larion "Sque3eze" Johnson, Tyler "Van" Heflin, and Scott Peterson, and directed by Jake Holtzer. Broken Leg Entertainment is thrilled to bring you our first foray into the Suspense Genre.


This Project was made for the 2023 Atlanta 48hr Film Competition! All credit goes to the team! Writing, shooting, editing, and submitting within 48 hours is an awesome feat!

  • Required Elements:
    Character: Amy Moellering, Park Ranger
    Genre: Roadtrip/Drama
    Prop: Horn
    Line of Dialogue: "Just remember one thing..."

Coming Soon


"Close to the Sky"
Short Film
Produced by: Broken Leg Entertainment, Daniel Giddens,
Release May 2024

"Neuroplasticity: The Life of Reggie Clark"
Produced by: Reggie Clark, Broken Leg Entertainment, Inc.
In Production through 2025

"First Kill"
Short Film
Produced by: Broken Leg Entertainment, Nonscience Production,
Film Festival Circuit 2024


What’s going on here?
Who are you? Wait -- who am I?

Starring: Scott Peterson, Jessica Womack, Nathaniel Gibbs, Kameron Sharp, Dallas Fitzmartin, Luis Alberto Landa Release Summer 2024

"Pretty People Problems"
More money, more problems?
Starring: Luis Alberto Landa, Niki Schoop, Angel Fabian Rivera, Grace-Anne Erwin, Tyler “Van” Heflin, Elizabeth “Tori” Starks, Scott Peterson, Sarah Hill, Brock Jenkins Release Spring 2024

"Dinder Tate"
How have your dates been recently?
Starring: Sarah Hill & Scott Peterson Release Spring 2024

"Inner Monologue"
How do you talk to yourself?
Starring: Andrew Goodall Release Spring 2024

"Mike Hawk"
A quick comedic skit about… no… really?
Starring: Scott Peterson & Sque3eze Release Spring 2024

"Puff Puff Paranoia"
Wait?! What was that? Did you hear that? Aliens? Who knows?
Starring: Scott Peterson & Sque3eze Release Spring 2024